Dr. Stephen Mutua

Dr. Stephen Mutua

Dr. Stephen Mutua

Faculty Member - SCI


Dr. Stephen Mutua is ………………………………………………………………………..

Specialties: Big data, Data mining …………………………………………….

Title Year

Visibility graph based time series analysis

M Stephen, C Gu, H Yang
PloS one 10 (11), e0143015
87 2015

Network-based identification of reliable bio-markers for cancers

S Deng, J Qi, M Stephen, L Qiu, H Yang
Journal of theoretical biology 383, 20-27
9 2015

Discrete scale-invariance in cross-correlations between time series

Q Xiao, X Pan, M Stephen, Y Yang, X Li, H Yang
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 421, 161-170
8 2015

Evaluation of scaling invariance embedded in short time series

X Pan, L Hou, M Stephen, H Yang, C Zhu
PLoS One 9 (12), e116128
17 2014

Statistics of extreme events in Chinese stock markets

W Gan-Hua, Q Lu, M Stephen, L Xin-Li, Y Yue, Y Hui-Jie, J Yan
Chinese Physics B 23 (12), 128901
1 2014

Long-term memories in online users’ selecting activities

X Pan, L Hou, M Stephen, H Yang
Physics Letters A 378 (35), 2591-2596
24 2014

Row—column visibility graph approach to two-dimensional landscapes

X Qin, P Xue, L Xin-Li, M Stephen, Y Hui-Jie, J Yan, W Jian-Yong, …
Chinese Physics B 23 (7), 078904
10 2014

Effects of employee engagement on employee retention in micro-finance institutions

R Salome, M Douglas, C Kimani, M Stephen
The International Journal of Business & Management 2 (4), 124
17* 2014

Pervasiveness of green ICT awareness amongst Kenyan ICT personnel

F Wabwoba, GW Wanyembi, S Omuterema, SM Mutua
International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management
19 2013

Choosing tools of pedagogy (case of program visualization)

S Mutua, E Abenga, P Ogao, F Wabwoba, A Ikoha
International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management

Classifying program visualization tools to facilitate informed choices: teaching and learning computer programming

S Mutua, F Wabwoba, P Ogao, P Anselmo, E Abenga
International Journal of Computer Science and Telecommunications
13 2012

Using Program Visualization to Improve ICT skills towards achieving Vision 2030

AEJK Mutua, S., Wabwoba, F., Ogao, P.
International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research 1 …
4* 2011

Teaching Computer Programming in the 21st Century

JPO Mutua, S., Abenga E. , Wabwoba, F., Kilwake
International Journal of Science and Technology 1 (6), 247 – 252
13* 2011

The digital board in a University setting: two real cases in Europe and East Africa

F Bertarelli, M Corradini, G Guaraldi, E Genovese, J Kilwake, S Mutua
International Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, 259-264
5 2010

Choosing Tools of Pedagogy (Case of Program Visualization)

M Stephen, A Elizabeth, P Ogao, W Franklin, A Ikoha
Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects 3
4 2007

An Interoperability Framework for E-Government Heterogeneous Information Systems

H Ronoh, K Omieno, S Mutua

Information Security Policy Trend as a Foundation to Protecting Information Resources

MS AbilaJames, W Franklin, A Peters

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