Past Papers

You can now Access and Download our Past Papers through the following 4-steps-procedure;

1.In our Website, under E-Resources page click the Past Papers at the last sub-menu.

2.Enter your Log In details then Sign In;                     

Username: Your Reg.No

Password: Your current password             

Note: There is no space between characters in your Reg.No.
                         If you hadn’t changed your password, enter 123456

3.Once successful, it opens up to a page consisting of various databases such as IEEE among others. Scroll Down to the Last section, you will see the link “Past Papers
4. Click on the Past Papers It will direct you to the Past Papers folders. They are sorted per school. You can browse through to the exact unit you need. If you don’t get the unit in that folder, browse through the folder entitled, “All Past Papers Unsorted (2014-2019)

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