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You can borrow books, CDs and other information materials to use in and out of the library for a specified duration. The following procedures and regulations apply:

  • Only bonafied students and members of staff of Meru University are allowed to borrow books
  • To borrow books, one must produce their staff or student ID card for identification.

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You are allowed to extend the duration of the material you had borrowed from the library, if no one else has requested it. You can renew an item by logging-in to your patron account or by asking from a librarian.
As information professionals, you can count on us to train you on how to access, evaluate, retrieve, use, reference, and generate information and information products.
Need a book and another user has borrowed it? We can reserve the book for you so that you can have it as soon as it is returned.
Our librarians can provide you with direction to library materials, advice on library collections and services, and expertise on multiple kinds of information from various sources within and outside the library.

This section shows you how many books each patron category is allowed to borrow at any given time, for how long and if they can renew.
category Max Duration Can renew
Academic Staff 5 21 Once
Academic Staff 5 21 Once
Administrative Staff 3 21 Once
Part-time Staff 3 21 Once
Post-graduate Students 4 14 Once
Under-graduate Students 4 14 Once
Post-graduate Students 4 14 Once
Certificate & diploma Students 4 14 Once
  1. All users are entitled to borrow 1 short-loan item and 1 Audio visual in addition to the items above.
  2. Users may not renew a book if its on hold for another user.
  3. The library reserves the right to amend the borrowing matrix from time to time.

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