Diploma in Information Technology


  1. A mean grade of C- (minus) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination or its equivalent.
  2. At least a Division II in the Kenya Certificate of Education examination.
  3. At least one Principal Pass at the Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education examination.
  4. Completion of Certificate (Level 3) in Information Technology or related field.
  5. A Certificate of experiential learning issued by the Kenya National Qualification Authority (KNQA).

The program comprises a total of six (6) modules, which are covered in approximately two calendar years.

  1. Demonstrate network design and management skills
  2. Demonstrate internet and mobile applications development skills.
  3. Demonstrate computer applications development skills
  4. Demonstrate systems analysis and development skills.
  5. Demonstrate database design and administration skills.
  6. Demonstrate PC assembly and maintenance skills
  7. Demonstrate graphics design skills

Database Systems design and management, Internet application development, Network administrator, Mobile application developer and Computer Support and Maintenance.

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