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Welcome to Reuben Marambii Library. Remember, we are always here to empower you through information. Throughout your stay at the University, you will find the library to be a very resourceful facility either as a student or member of staff. This guide provides the bare basics for your aquitance to use of the library. Feel free to contact us whenever you have an information need that needs to be met.

Our Services

User Services

The User Services is the front desk that you see as you enter the library. Use the desk to borrow, return and renew items.
Seek assistance on e-books. Use the desk to give feedback to us and request additional assistance.


The reprographic section of the library provides you with photocopying, printing and binding services at a charge. Overdue fines are also paid here.

The printer password is 9999


Borrow multimedia resources (CDs, DVDs) and Headphones from this section. Also access the e-resource lab. Headphones are for use within the library.
Also conduct your online research and search the web using high internet


Read contemporary newspapers and magazines from this section.
Seek assistance on E-journals E-magazines, E-newspapers, theses, under-graduate projects and pastpapers (print and electronic) here.


There are 3 types: Open, Reference, and Short Loan.Reference books are for use only within the library. Short loan books are borrowed for 3 hours or overnight from 5:00pm while books from Open Shelves are borrowed for use outside the library.

Information Commons

The Information Commons Room allows collaborative learning by providing a room for discussions. Keep it academic and keep it discussion.
Please do not remove furniture from this room.

Library System – KOHA

The Reuben Marambii library is automated, and uses an open source library management system called KOHA. Here we illustrate the basics of using the system:

  1. Access the system
    Type http://opac.must.ac.ke in the address bar of your web browser. You will see a page like one on the right.
  2. Conduct a search
    Type your search word at the search bar. Eg economics. You will see results displayed in a list as shown below.
    Write down the call number and locate item from the appropriate shelf.
  3. Retrieve the item from the shelves
    The library organizes its information resources using an international system called the Library of Congress Classification Scheme, LCCS. Here, alphabets and numbers are used to represent subjects eg H for Social Sciences, G Geography, Q Pure Sciences. To code a book, a combination of letters and numbers are used. Eg HF5565, QD256, L128
    Each book in the library is given a number on the spine called a Call Number which is made up of the subject number, initials of the author and year of publication. Books on the shelf are then organized alphanumerically in ascending order by the call number on the spine i.e., the long back edge of a book.

Guidelines and regulations for use of the library

These guidelines are meant to ensure fair use of the library materials and resources.
For more details see : Rules and regulations

Opening Hours

DAYS Monday to Friday
Sundays & Public holidays
HOURS 8:00am to 9:00pm 9:00am to 3:00pm Closed

Our Contacts

Email: library@must.ac.ke

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Message from the Librarian

ruth gibendi RThe services offered by Reuben Marambii Library fully identifies with the objectives of the University as stated in its mission and vision. We strive at all times, to empower the University to become a world class University of Excellence in Science and Technology by providing relevant, current and quality information to its users so as to enhance teaching, research and consultancy as envisioned in our University’s quality objectives. The library currently provides access to over 30,000 volumes of print resources, about 15 journals and over 80,000 electronic books which can be accessed both on and off campus. Our mission is to empower our users through information and you will find the library to be very useful in your life at the university either as a student or member of staff.

Ruth Gibendi.